Paradox Solutions Services can fix any paradox

Established 2007

Relocated to beautiful Woodstock Illinois

Paradox Solutions Services provides the world with solutions.

(844) – 472 – 7236

Providing Solutions Since 2007

Paradox Solutions Services is a small business doing large things globally. We have provided the community with stunning customer service, Solutions and Services for over 7 years!

Over 7 Years Solving Paradoxes

Devices Repaired

SelectEtch can handle any laser etching job. Large or Small

The Highest Quality Laser Etching

Laser Engraving, Laser Etching

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Industry Leading Customized Gaming Equipment

Xbox One Controllers – Xbox 360 Controllers

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Covering infinity provides affordable and quality Hydro Dipping and Finishing Service

Affordable Hydro Dipping and Finishing Services

Covering Infinity provides a level of Hydro Dip Finishing above all others.