We are a small business located in beautiful Woodstock, IL which specializes in Solutions. Our small team specialize in a very wide variety of services, products and solutions.

We are one of the few companies to offer on site friendly servicing, product delivery and monitoring.

Established 2007, We have provide stunning customer service on top of the highest quality products and services world wide.

Customized Solutions

We are here to provide customized solutions for you and your company. Working directly with you to help you maximize your spending potential and minimize cost!

Responsive Customer Service

We are here for you, our customer. With 24 hour a day email support, Phone Support accessibility and live chat features, We prove to be the best at what we do. Every time.

Putting Pieces Together

We work diligently to ensure all your problems are resolved quickly and efficiently by applying many of our developed solutions directly to your Paradox.

Borderless Options

Our services are spread globally to provide you the most options anywhere. Ask us how this can benefit you.