Frosted Glass Installation Special Door Hanger Front

Introducing Window Frosting!

Whether it is to keep prying eyes out of your home, remove a eye soar from your view or calm your pets down, Frosted Windows prove to give you the best solutions for the most affordable price. Paradox Solutions is proud to begin to offer the highest quality vinyl frosted window film and installation in Northern Illinois. Coming directly to you and installing same day, we have proven to be the most professional Frosted Window Film installers around. Known in the community since 2007, we assure your safety and security are our top priorities as we install your frosted windows.


Stylish Frosted Glass Borders
Paradox Solutions gives you Light and Privacy with our Frosted Window Installation Service

Window Frosting

  • $15 – Small Windows
  • $25 – Front Entry Windows
  • $25 – One Pane Window
  • $35 – Two Pane Window
  • $40 – Window Well
  • $60 – Sliding Door per pane
Setup Your Appointment
Frosted Glass Installation Special Door Hanger Back
  • Non-Permanent
  • Pet Safe
  • Quick Installation Times
  • 2 Year Warranty

How it Works:

  • Setup your appointment
  • Our trained window frosting technician(s) will arrive and install all window coverings
  • You enjoy your well lit privacy!

Reach out to you with the best Window Frosting by Paradox Solutions Services

 Our Window Frosting keeps your living spaces well lit and completely secure from prying eyes and people passing by.

Complete packages are available

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Installation and Cleaning of inside of window/door included. Area around window must be free and clear of debris and readily accessible. Cleaning up of painted windows is available upon request at $20 per window. Larger windows will require two people to complete. All customers must be present on the premises for installation to occur. 2 yr Warranty includes material malfunction only and does not cover damage to material or removal.

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